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Blues Kids of America

Blues Kids is an internationally recognized multicultural, interdisciplinary, artist-in-residency music program founded by Fernando Jones (author or I Was There When The Blues Was Red Hot). It is designed to help improve literacy through music in a hands-on, nurturing environment. We also provide a professional development workshop entitled Use the Blues and Technology to Help Improve Social & Emotional Learning for educators. We promote:


Social & Emotional Learning

 Attendance Improvement


Teamwork & Discipline

 Music Literacy

 Social Skills

 Global Awareness

Kennedy Center ArtsEdge Standards we use.



Chicago Public Schools Vendor #41604

IL State Board of Ed. Professional Development Provider #07082019578209

From this tailored experience students will learn the importance and power of discipline, teamwork, and goal setting in a collaborative and competitive learning environment. When planning your budget and the expenditure of your Discretionary, Title I, Staff Development, Drug & Violence-free, Grants and/or Private Donor Funds consider Blues Kids. A package can be tailored to your budgetary and student needs.

"Fernando Jones is a creative, gifted, and multitalented individual whose love for the Blues has permeated his being. His energy and enthusiasm easily transmit that love to others. His unique style of translating the Blues into an educational experience has enhanced the learning of thousands of school age children across our nation."


Dr. Frances G. Carroll

University of Illinois Board of Trustees Member


City of Chicago Vendor (The only Chicagoland program of its kind)

Chicago Public Schools Vendor #21794

Illinois State Board of Education Professional Development Provider #07082019578209 

Waterbury, CT, New Haven Vendor #42356

Memphis City School Vendor | Annual NABSE Workshop Provider 

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame + Museum Summer Teacher Institute In-Service Provider


Photo by Glenn Kaupert

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