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Q. What time does Blues Camp start?

A. For every one of our camps, nationally, we get on campus by 7:45AM. Instruction time runs from 9:00AM to 11:30AM. However, with lunch and other afternoon activities some days may be extended. Remember, Mr. Jones’ promises an 8:00AM to Noon Blues Camp experience, therefore, everything above and beyond that is a bonus not an entitlement.


Q. When will the dates for Blues Camp 2017 be posted at

A. Click here.


Q. How much does it cost to attend Blues Camp?

A. It's free. Transportation and lodging scholarships may be available in some cases.


Q. Is there a Blues Camp for the parents, too?

A. Yes. When there is interest we do a special workshop on Wednesdays. In Chicago there is a Blues Mama and Daddy band.


Q. I want to host a fundraiser. How do I proceed?

A. Please email us at


Q. If camp is free, what's the catch?

A. There is no catch. Audition at


Q. If it's free, how is the foundation funded?

A. The Blues Kids Foundation is sustained by philanthropists, the Blues Camp Parent Fundraising Committee, Fernando Jones, and from donations from wonderful people like you to the Blues Kids Foundation at, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization.


Q. Who are the instructors?

A. We have highly qualified practitioners that Jones (Blues Ensemble founder and director at Columbia College Chicago) has trained and vetted. Just as not all teachers can or want to perform professionally, not all great players can teach. Nor do you want any ole "musician" quarantined with your child, lol. So in layman's terms, "Our team, as performers play at a world-class level and are equally qualified as instructors.


Q. What will it take to have Blues Camp come to my town?

A. That's simple. As long as it is self-sustaining, easily accessed by a major airport, held in-residence at an institute of higher learning or a performing arts facility that the Blues Kids Foundation board approves, and you don't mind undertaking the task of fundraising, and we can fit in the schedule . . . then you've got a deal.


Q. How can my child attend?

A. Student musicians must audition. The can start by registering here.


Q. We live abroad and would like to attend, is it just for kids in America?

A. In the past, we have had student musicians from the continent of Europe and the countries of Canada and Colombia.


Q. Is my child automatically admitted next year if they were in this year?

A. Nope. It's a competitive process and everyone must audition.


Q. I am a parent. May I volunteer at camp or during the year?

A. Yes. Just let us know on the parent/guardian form.

Q. If I don't participate in any fundraisers, will that be held against my child?

A. Nope.

Q. Can we shoot video and take pictures during session time?

A. Videos by permission only. No flash photography.

Q. Can parents sit-in during class sessions?

A. If selected to chaperone a class, you will not be in your child's ensemble room.

Q. Is the Blues Kids Foundation nonprofit?

A. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. So, if you have any rich uncles or aunts in need of a "charity of choice" send 'em our way.

Q. If someone makes a donation to the Blues Kids Foundation how can they benefit?

A. In addition to helping make a group of Blues Kids happy, they can benefit by getting an tax credit as stipulated by the IRS.

Q. Is Fernando Jones the guy that wrote I Was There When The Blues Was Red Hot?

A. Yes.

Q. I know a lot of kids play guitar in Blues, but my boy plays trumpet. Is this a camp he'd benefit from?

A. Yes. Watch some of the videos on our site. All instrumentalists are welcome as long as they pass the audition.

Q. I know this is a dumb question, but if I don't ask . . . are girls welcome?

A. Yes. Girls rock the Blues, too. 

Q. Can my child play multiple instruments in Blues Camp?

A. It is up to their instructor and the band's need on the song.

Q. Can I contact the press to come out and cover the kids during camp?

A. We have a PR protocol in place, but feel free to share your ideas.

Q. I have an autographed Strat by Eric Clapton from Crossroads. I'm never gonna play it. Can I donate it to you guys?

A. Yes, but we have to have authentication. You can donate any gear, autographed or not.


Q. We'd like to establish Blues Camp in Madrid, who can I talk to?

A. Email us at and put Blues Camp: London in the subject box.


Q. Are the extra curricular performances open to the public?

A. Yes. 


Q. I saw Blues Kids on PBS. Where can I get a copy?

A. You'll have to contact the TV station.


Q. Can I donate air plane/travel "miles" and gift cards to the foundation?

A. Yes. Contact us at


Photo by Robert Ostermaier / Daily Press



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