Blues Kids of America and Blues Camp Workshops

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We are prepared to provide our program in a Remote (Online) Learning format.

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Blues Kids is an internationally recognized multicultural, interdisciplinary, artist-in-residency music program founded by Fernando Jones (author or I Was There When The Blues Was Red Hot). It is designed to help improve literacy through music in a hands-on, nurturing environment. We also provide a professional development workshop entitled Use the Blues and Technology to Help Improve Social & Emotional Learning for educators. We promote:

Social & Emotional Learning

 Attendance Improvement

 Healthy Self-Esteem

Teamwork & Discipline

 Music Literacy

 Social Interactive Skills

 Global Awareness and Citizenship


• Keep Blues youthful and exciting, while preserving and building on the past.

• Provide Blues Kids with the basic skills (musically, socially, emotionally and linguistically) necessary to survive and play proficiently and effectively in a global Blues community.

• Learn the importance of the Blues from a sociological and historical perspective with a focus on the future, representing student musicians as scholars.

• Introduce this indigenous American art form to new audiences.

• Use critical thinking skills, while collaborating with others.

• Apply practical skills learned in class in a culminating activity on stage.

• Promote digital learning and embrace technology.

• Make paramount contributions to the future of the Blues musically, socially and culturally

• Represent the next generation of musicians as scholars and proficient players.

• Give each student the basic skills (musically, socially, and linguistically) needed to survive in a global Blues community / industry.

• Introduce students to the art of live professional performances through the lens of the Blues.



• Introduce the history of American music through the lens of the Blues.

• Keep the Blues youthful and exciting, while preserving the past.

• Represent the next generation of Blues artist as scholars and proficient players + vocalists.

• Learn the importance of the Blues from a sociological and historical perspective with a focus on the future.

• Use critical thinking skills and collaborate with others.

• Apply practical skills learned in class in a culminating activity on stage.


Learning Outcomes

For Student Musicians To:

• Improve music literacy by playing by ear and reading tabs + chord charts.

• Communicate using cross-generational/regional “Blues” language.

• Use proper dynamics to ensure appropriate volume levels for songs.

• Accompany vocalist with proper volume control, fills and chords.

• Critique and self-evaluate performances and provide feedback to others.

• Perform as “one” in an ensemble setting.

• Demonstrate basic Blues patterns such as 8-bar and 12-bar Blues.

• Demonstrate the call-and-response.

• Play songs effectively without guitar or piano solos.

• Perform a 15 to 20 minute set of music at a professional level with confidence.

• Demonstrate the art of the groove.

Kennedy Center ArtsEdge Standards we use.

Some of the Schools We've Bluesed in Chicagoland Area in the last 30 years.

Chicago Public Schools Vendor #41604

Whitney Young District 6 Teacher's Conference • William King  • South Loop • DePaul University’s 

Chicago Music Mart • James Ward • Vanderpoel • Coles • Frederick • Haley • Hughes • Owen

Douglass Youth Out Reach, Inc. • St. James Academy • E.F. Young • Dunne • Evers • Lewis

Powell • DuSable Museum of African American History • Fuller • Black • Black Branch • Dodge

DePaul University's McPrep Program • Chicago Education Alliance • Cullen • Ross • Fenger

Greeley • Marquette • Barton • Lawrence • Roosevelt University • Bridge • Stone Academy 

The Annual Chicago Blues Festival • University of Chicago Lab School • Lee • Fernwood

Ravinia & Lawndale Partnership - Pope • Lathrop • St. Agatha • Franklin Park • Mann

The Museum of Science & Industry • Nancy B. Jefferson Juvenile Detention Center • St. Michael’s

Light House Program (South Loop) • Alpha Kappa Alpha Summer Camp • Suder

Spalding / Gallery 37 • Guitar Center • Willie Dixon Blues Heaven Foundation

Sacred Heart Summer Camp • Chicago International Charter School • Harvard • Schaumburg HS

Christ English Lutheran School • ACT Charter School • Triumphant Charter School

North Kenwood Oakland Charter School • Museum of Science  & Industry

Murray Language Academy • CAABSE • Palos Heights School District • Hay • Deneen • Kellog

University of Illinois Extensions Program • Parkman • Sherman • Metcalfe

Burnham-Anthony (CCIS) • Bass (CCIS) • Bronzeville Children’s Museum • Brighton Park • Tonti

Columbia College Chicago • Kohn • Marconi • WGN’s Kids Week • King Academy

Stevenson High School (Odyssey) • Oakton Community College

Washington, DC The Snithsonian

Cleveland, OH Rock & Roll Hall of Fame + Museum

Los Angeles Images of a Culture / Los Angeles Unified School Districts 1, 2, and 7

Honolulu & Maui, Hawaii

University of Hawaii • Seabury Hall • Kapolani, Maui & Windward Community College • Hemmingway Hall

Hempstead, NY Public Schools Jackson Middle • Franklin Middle • Prospect Middle • Schultz Middle

Charleston, SC Public Schools Toole • Courtenay/DuBoise/River • Springfield • Fort Johnson

Minneapolis, MN Hands On Child Development Center • Atlanta, GA Harriet Tubman

Rockford, lL Rockford Science & Technology Academy

Victorville, CA Sheppard Middle • Memphis, TN Hanley 

Boston, MA Philbrick • Ludington, MI West Shore College • Davenport. Iowa (Mississippi Valley)

Birmingham, AL Birmingham Board of Education/Jazz Music Hall of Fame

National Alliance of Black School Educators Conference

Dallas, Detroit, Reno, San Diego, Los Angles, Orlando, Nashville, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Galveston, TX

Waterbury, Connecticut

Waterbury Arts Magnet School  (WAMS) • Rotella Inter-district Magnet School 

Maloney Magnet School (Voted America’s #1 Magnet School 2008)

Pescara, Italy The Pescara Conservatory of Music

Jamestown, NY Love School • Infinity Performing Arts Center


Blues Camp

Columbia College Chicago • Huston-Tillotson University  (Austin, TX) • Galveston College

The Fender Center for the Performing Arts (Corona) • McPail Center for Music (Minneapolis, MN)

University of California - Irvine • The American Theatre (Hampton, VA)

Los Angeles Unified School District • New World School for the Arts / Miami Dade College

California State University - Los Angeles • The Premises Recording Studios (London, England)

Tennessee State University (Nashville) • Tokyo School of Music and Dance • A Private School in Havana, Cuba

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