Blues Kids of America and Blues Camp Workshops

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We are prepared to provide our program in a Remote (Online) Learning format.

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Blues Kids is an internationally recognized multicultural, interdisciplinary, artist-in-residency music program founded by Fernando Jones (author or I Was There When The Blues Was Red Hot). It is designed to help improve literacy through music in a hands-on, nurturing environment. We also provide a professional development workshop entitled Use the Blues and Technology to Help Improve Social & Emotional Learning for educators. We promote:

Social & Emotional Learning

 Attendance Improvement

 Healthy Self-Esteem

Teamwork & Discipline

 Music Literacy

 Social Interactive Skills

 Global Awareness and Citizenship


• Keep Blues youthful and exciting, while preserving and building on the past.

• Provide Blues Kids with the basic skills (musically, socially, emotionally and linguistically) necessary to survive and play proficiently and effectively in a global Blues community.

• Learn the importance of the Blues from a sociological and historical perspective with a focus on the future, representing student musicians as scholars.

• Introduce this indigenous American art form to new audiences.

• Use critical thinking skills, while collaborating with others.

• Apply practical skills learned in class in a culminating activity on stage.

• Promote digital learning and embrace technology.

• Make paramount contributions to the future of the Blues musically, socially and culturally

• Represent the next generation of musicians as scholars and proficient players.

• Give each student the basic skills (musically, socially, and linguistically) needed to survive in a global Blues community / industry.

• Introduce students to the art of live professional performances through the lens of the Blues.



• Introduce the history of American music through the lens of the Blues.

• Keep the Blues youthful and exciting, while preserving the past.

• Represent the next generation of Blues artist as scholars and proficient players + vocalists.

• Learn the importance of the Blues from a sociological and historical perspective with a focus on the future.

• Use critical thinking skills and collaborate with others.

• Apply practical skills learned in class in a culminating activity on stage.


Learning Outcomes

For Student Musicians To:

• Improve music literacy by playing by ear and reading tabs + chord charts.

• Communicate using cross-generational/regional “Blues” language.

• Use proper dynamics to ensure appropriate volume levels for songs.

• Accompany vocalist with proper volume control, fills and chords.

• Critique and self-evaluate performances and provide feedback to others.

• Perform as “one” in an ensemble setting.

• Demonstrate basic Blues patterns such as 8-bar and 12-bar Blues.

• Demonstrate the call-and-response.

• Play songs effectively without guitar or piano solos.

• Perform a 15 to 20 minute set of music at a professional level with confidence.

• Demonstrate the art of the groove.

Kennedy Center ArtsEdge Standards we use.

Some of the Schools We've Bluesed in Chicagoland Area in the last 30 years.

Chicago Public Schools Vendor #41604

Whitney Young District 6 Teacher's Conference • William King  • South Loop • DePaul University’s 

Chicago Music Mart • James Ward • Vanderpoel • Coles • Frederick • Haley • Hughes • Owen

Douglass Youth Out Reach, Inc. • St. James Academy • E.F. Young • Dunne • Evers • Lewis

Powell • DuSable Museum of African American History • Fuller • Black • Black Branch • Dodge

DePaul University's McPrep Program • Chicago Education Alliance • Cullen • Ross • Fenger

Greeley • Marquette • Barton • Lawrence • Roosevelt University • Bridge • Stone Academy 

The Annual Chicago Blues Festival • University of Chicago Lab School • Lee • Fernwood

Ravinia & Lawndale Partnership - Pope • Lathrop • St. Agatha • Franklin Park • Mann

The Museum of Science & Industry • Nancy B. Jefferson Juvenile Detention Center • St. Michael’s

Light House Program (South Loop) • Alpha Kappa Alpha Summer Camp • Suder

Spaulding / Gallery 37 • Guitar Center • Willie Dixon Blues Heaven Foundation

Sacred Heart Summer Camp • Chicago International Charter School • Harvard • Schaumburg HS

Christ English Lutheran School • ACT Charter School • Triumphant Charter School

North Kenwood Oakland Charter School • Museum of Science  & Industry

Murray Language Academy • CAABSE • Palos Heights School District • Hay • Deneen • Kellog

University of Illinois Extensions Program • Parkman • Sherman • Metcalfe • Powell

Burnham-Anthony (CCIS) • Bass (CCIS) • Bronzeville Children’s Museum • Brighton Park • Tonti

Columbia College Chicago • Kohn • Marconi • WGN’s Kids Week • King Academy

Stevenson High School (Odyssey) • Oakton Community College • Hendricks • Esmond

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Music Ed. Evidence
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