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This page was put together for Hohner a few years ago. I have uploaded content so everything that you may need is in one place v. overloading you with emails. How can we help Hohner during this time of Diversity and Equitable Inclusion in the Black communities across America trhough the Fernando Jones brand (Fernando Jones the recording artist and multi-instrumentalist, Blues Camp International and Blues Kids of America)? Click here. This is a brochure with everything you need to know about our nonprofit charity . . . Blues Kids Foundation founded by yours truly. Once upon a time you all were going to be the title sponsor for our Blues Kid of the Year Contest. Let's revisit that conversation.

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Fernando Jones' Annual Blues Camp International

Youth student musicians ages 12 to 18 will learn and perform Chicago style influenced Blues in a structured program with like minded others under the tutelage of qualified and internationally traveled instructors. Placement is for intermediate and advanced level vocalists and instrumentalist (all instruments welcome). Band slots are limited and entry is competitive. For details and updates click Blues Camp International.

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