Blues Kids Foundation in partnership with

The Music Center at Columbia College Chicago presents

Fernando Jones’ 12th Annual Blues Camp International

Sunday, July 4 to Friday, July 9, 2021 | 8:00A to Noon Monday to Friday + Extra curricular performances TBD

Contact us on how your Blues Kid can attend: | (312) 369-3229

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Blues Camp Chicago Audition Deadline:  June 1, 2021 • 12:00P CST.

Blues Camp Winston-Salem Audition Deadline:  July 10, 2021 • 12:00P EST.

[Chicago] - Blues Kids Foundation and the Music Center at Columbia College Chicago are proud to be on the cutting edge of Blues andragogy and pedagogy with Fernando Jones' 12th Annual Blues Camp International. While respecting science during the COVID-19 pandemic, we will have an interactive remote and/or an in-person Blues Camp (contingent upon the World Health Organization’s data). Local, national and international student musicians ages 12 to 18 can audition for placement between now and May 15, 2021. Placement is for beginner, intermediate and advanced level vocalists and instrumentalist.


We are not looking for the best "Blues Kid" players in the world. We are looking for the Blues Kid who wants to be in this program. However, they must audition with one of the songs below, first, not one of their choosing. Then we will do our best to place them by their skillset according to our Blues Camp ensemble instrumentation need(s) and position availability. 


For more information on how you and your Blues Kid can be part of this experience visit or email us at or call us (312) 369-3229.

1. Select a Song

2. Perform + Record Video.

3. Upload Video.

4. Complete Application.

Parents/Guardians have your Blues Kid:

Use a smart phone or tablet (turned horizontally), or a video camera recorder to record their performance.

Step 1: Select a song track below to audition with:

        > Choose either an instrumental or vocal/instrumental track

        > Lyrics are included below for "Chicago (Has Got Everything You Need)".

Step 2: Video record your Blues Kid's performance:

        > Singing or playing along with the track they chose.


        > Sing and play along with the track they chose simultaneously.

• Vocalists: You don't have to necessarily riff or use melismas (runs). You can sing it straight with feeling.

• Instrumentalist: Simply play rhythm, fills and/or chords. Do your best and have fun. You don't have to solo. 

3. Upload performance video to

        > Label the video:

           Fernando Jones' Blues Camp Online 2021

        > (Song title) performed by (Blues Kid's first name only), age, hometown 

        > Check the "Public" box.

        > Publish.

        > Copy link.

        > Paste it in your online application and submit.

Click here for the online application.

Audition by using this backing track if you are auditioning as an instrumentalist other than a vocalist.

2021 Best Chicago Has Got Everything YouFernando Jones
00:00 / 04:30

Audition by using this backing track if you are auditioning as a vocalist. 
You can use this track to also sing and play an instrument at the same time.

2021 Best Chicago Has Got Everything YouFernando Jones
00:00 / 02:57

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Chicago (Has Got Everything You Need)

A Tribute to My Hometown

Performed by Fernando Jones

Written, arranged and produced by Fernando Jones

Bluefunkjazroll Music, BMI |


Chicago's got everything you need. (Repeat)
We've got a Great Lake and gold plated streets.


We've got hot dogs and championship teams.
We've got Soul food and championship teams.
We're the “City that Works” with a skyline that's mean.


We've got theatres / and / movie shows.
For a couple of bucks / go where you want to go.


I said, ‘Chicago's got everything you need.’
We've got a Great Lake and gold plated streets.


C-h-i / C-h-i / c-a-g-o / c-a-g-o. (Repeat)
Chicago has got everything you need.


Chicago has got everything you need.
Whenever I need a reason, a reason to smile. (Repeat)
I go window shopping on the Magnificent Mile.

Chicago's always got something new. (Repeat)
Chicago welcomes you.